Now that we have a usable file management module in esprit things are coming together quite well.  Note that I’ll be temporarily postponing new features after “Log Rotation” and edit-in-place for e-mail addresses are implemented in the next update to concentrate on adding content to the wiki.  My goal is to have the “Resource Center” retired by mid-February; the sooner the better.

  • Added: wget-like facility to File Manager, download and decompress archives on the fly
  • Added: domain_fs_path/domain_info_path methods to HTML controller
  • Fixed: recursive chown didn’t recursively chown
  • Fixed: abort mailbox creation if uid isn’t present in uid table
  • Fixed: rewrote file upload handling, which should handle larger files without puking unexpectedly due to memory limits (bug #38)
  • Fixed: shifting rows in Quick Menu on IE6
  • Changed: color layout of control panel
  • Changed: replaced save as icon in File Manager
  • Changed: increased single file upload limit from 4M to 64M
  • Changed: Manage Users & Mailboxes -> Manage Users; Mailbox Routes -> Manage Mailboxes

One late addition to the party that I’m sure most people will appreciate.

  •  Added: WYSIWYG FCKeditor to File Manager
Bug fixes, wget functionality + unpack on-the-fly, WYSIWYG editor