Friday is a big day of changes.  New esprit update scheduled for 3 AM EST (-0500 GMT).  Changelog follows:

  • Added: new subdomain facility, replaces Ensim version.  Includes global/local subdomains (see
  • Added: SPF Wizard support for secondary domains
  • Fixed: SPF records weren’t being saved on postback
  • Fixed: is_int() check on File_Module::quota incorrectly handles octal values
  • Fixed: kludge, force sticky bit on Majordomo configuration; calling chmod from another module drops the 0 which is significant if no special bits are set, e.g. 2755 is preserved while 0755 is converted to octal.  To fix at a later date once regression testing is implemented.
  • Fixed: mysql_escape_string() warning in MySQL/PostgreSQL database backups
  • Changed: renamed “Quota Tracker” to less ambiguous “Disk Usage Watcher”
  • Changed: upgraded jQuery to 1.2.2
  • Changed: increase color transition from 2.5 seconds to 3 seconds for cosmetic reasons
  • Removed: clean-up of old JS no longer in use, prototype and scriptaculous
New esprit update, subdomain facility is here