• Added: Log Rotation page
  • Fixed: factor in missed payments into next billing date in Account Overview
  • Fixed: reset transaction count to 0 on credit card change
  • Fixed: remove cross-join on mysql.db table as normal esprit user does not have sufficient privileges; stat /var/lib/mysql/ instead
  • Changed: upgraded FCKeditor to 2.6b
  • Changed: upgraded jQuery to 1.2.2

There will be one more esprit update before the Great Documentation Write of 2008 (and quota upgrades) that will feature an advanced editor for Log Rotate (essentially a plain-text editor) and DAV support.  Things changed since I last evaluated using DAV with the Directory container in Apache to permit the intermingling of the two.  This makes built-in DAV support quite feasible.

esprit update, new Log Rotate page; DAV next