A new esprit update has been pushed to the servers to address a few bugs and implement some quick features:

  • Added: select all checkbox to File Manager
  • Added: toggle between raw and HTML editors in File Manager
  • Added: toggle SSL link in Quick Menu bar to switch between HTTPS/HTTP
  • Added: include count of number of Urchin profiles creatable within the account in Urchin 5
  • Fixed: refactored Language Options to new AJAX system, query remote Rails gem after page load to avoid unnecessary delays from pulling YAML from RubyForge
  • Fixed: all files defaulted to binary view in File Manager
  • Fixed: modal warning box firing prematurely in Change Account Billing; cause “operation not permitted” error in IE
  • Fixed: missing priority, subject names in ticket e-mails, URL better presented as full link to ticket
  • Fixed: Quick Menu rendering problems in IE7, border cut-off
  • Fixed: resend_host regex never matched in Majordomo::get_domain_from_list_name_backend() (bug #96)
  • Fixed: Majordomo alias not removed after list deletion
  • Fixed: missing loading image on tooltips
  • Changed: updated icons to reflect current Apis theme
  • Changed: upgraded FCKEditor from 2.6b1 to 2.6.2
  • Changed: updated logo, background to reflect new theme
esprit Update minor features and bugfixes