A new esprit update has been pushed to the servers at this time.  Several updates have trickled in over the past two weeks.  Attached is the digest report of changes since the last esprit update published.

  • Added: include option to create logfile for new subdomains
  • Fixed: enforce 10 concurrent connection limit in MySQL Manager
  • Fixed: close and reinstantiate MySQL connection on every database dump due to unpredictability with static mysqli class object and “MySQL server has gone away…” error message (bug #101)
  • Fixed: enhance /etc/shadow, /etc/passwd parsing, refactor Site::Get_Users()  out to common regex (bug #102)
  • Fixed: expect returned data to be in JSON format in autocomplete.js (regression)
  • Fixed: strip domain affinity from local subdomains in Granular Logging
  • Fixed: relax subdomain restrictions on logfile creations to allow arbitrary subdomains
  • Changed: reorder default trouble ticket view by last modification date
  • Changed: update RubyGems to 1.3.0
Esprit Update, Fixes and Changes