A new esprit update has been scheduled for tonight.  Notable changes include a domain/subdomain document root rewrite from O(n) to O(1) lookups.  Subdomain filesystem lookups have improved by ~10%, while addon domain filesystem maps remain constant regardless of the number of domains on an account.  Memory usage decreases by 2.5 MB per process in addition to ~2 KB per addon domain resulting in a total savings of ~350 MB – 500 MB per server.  The new mapping system allows for document roots to be altered within Multiple Domain Manager without submitting the “Activate Changes” option on every change.

Secondly, subdomain fallthrough support has been added for addon domains.  Select ‘*’ for the subdomain in “Add Subdomain” to add a fallthrough for the named domain.  Fallthroughs are used if the named subdomain is not found.  If a fallthrough subdomain is not set, then the global subdomain is used, if found, otherwise a 404 is returned.

Finally, vacation messages have been added for the primary user.  Visit E-mail -> Vacation Messages to set.

Apache mapping changes require modification to account configurations.  Changes are scheduled to be made at 1 AM EDT (-0400 GMT) tongiht.  Addon domains may be temporarily unavailable for a 10 minute window during this time.

  • Added: list_domains()- returns a list of domains and corresponding document roots (Web)
  • Added: abort transfer feature for file uploads (File Manager)
  • Added: vacation message support for the primary user (E-mail -> Vacation Message)
  • Added: fallthrough subdomain support  for addon domains
  • Fixed: regression in vacation message controller generates failed postback if vacation not set (Vacation Message)
  • Fixed: miscellaneous code clean-up (File Manager)
  • Fixed: remove spurious resource closure (Curl Layer, DataStream)
  • Fixed: application dropdown fails to load script (webDisk)
  • Fixed: find_quota_files()- double-escaped metacharacters (User)
  • Fixed: get_quota()- match grace column hh:mm format (User)
  • Fixed: missing toolbox in empty directories (File Manager)
  • Fixed: regression on display body if warnings exist (Urchin)
  • Fixed: negative z-index on header/menu renders behind body in Firefox 2 (Page Template)
  • Fixed: add_user()- invalid method signature (User)
  • Fixed: parse_ini_file()- skip conversion if empty string (Common)
  • Fixed: “cannot access directory” message on empty directory (File Manager)
  • Fixed: postback calls filter if filter string is empty (Manage Users)
  • Changed: update chart to pChart (Bandwidth Breakdown)
  • Changed: refactor afi, reduce set_user_parameters() calls, cache argument reflection results (~ (Module Skeleton, apnscpFunctionInterceptor)
  • Changed: upgrade jQuery 1.3.2
  • Changed: upgrade SimpleModal 1.2.3
  • Changed: clean-up afi call routines (apnscpFunctionInterceptor)
  • Changed: clean-up login process, use error()/warn() wrappers (Login)
  • Changed: enhance login security by implementing random usleep() on invalid login (apnscp Session)
  • Changed: turn-off APC stat checks
  • Changed: introduce new domain mapping approach with O(1) lookups on addon domains, ~8% speed-up on subdomain lookups, and variable speed-up on primary domain fallthrough – O(n) -> O(1)
  • Removed: blockUI replaced by SimpleModal (WebDAV, Add Subdomain, File Manager, Add User)
esprit Update – improved apache fs throughput, addon subdomain fallthrough, vacation messages