As we wait patiently for RHEL6 to exit beta testing, we are rolling out an interim platform built around CentOS 5.5.  So far clients would like to see MySQL 5.1, Bazaar, and Mercurial support – all of which are coming.  Major changes slated for the fifth generation, such as memory containers and a revised filesystem layout, are too disruptive to mix into our present environment.  Look forward to those features later in the year assuming RHEL6 debuts in 2010.

Existing clients who would like to utilize Mercurial, Bazaar, or MySQL 5.1 (trigger/stored procedure support) can be migrated to the interim server beginning in July.  Until then, let me know of any other applications you would like to see.  “Apollo” will be deployed in 2 weeks.

– Matt (discussion)

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