A few days ago a client sent me an inflammatory email that gave my index finger and scrollwheel some exercise, all with very good reason: there’s not even a modicum of security, except for entering your billing details, in the control panel or elsewhere. We live in a different era today; hacks are cheap, plentiful, and pervasive. Privacy is questionable. And, having multiple control panel installations makes certificate management a nightmare. New software, however, makes addressing these concerns a breeze. Introducing: cp.apisnetworks.com – the only control panel URL you need to know.

All requests through cp.apisnetworks.com are encrypted with military-grade security. There can be no man-in-the-middle attack. There are no reasonable methods to crack even a sample of traffic. What goes between your PC and the control panel is 100% secure, guaranteed. This encryption, with a little wrangling, only adds 10ms to total request time too! It leverages HTTP2 (previously SPDY) for fast SSL communication that will be part of Luna, the new hosting platform slated for release in Q1 2016. Oh, and we sat Nginx and Varnish in front for future testing purposes.

Enjoy, and throw those cumbersome cp.server.apisnetworks.com URLs in the garbage!

– Matt
Platform Developer

CP SSL rating
Hello Fort Knox!
Login to the CP now from a single location: secure, fast, and well— it’s fast
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