Effective June 22, 2016 our packages have changed for new clients. Technology changes as does what is considered the “bare minimum” utility set. Applications built on Symfony assume Composer support. Laravel requires Artisan. Even static sites use SCSS/SASS preprocessors to change look and feel on the fly. Everything is tied back to the terminal, which is now standard on every package. Every package also includes requisite support to run Node, Ruby, or Python utilities from the command-line limited only by available package memory (begins at 256 MB). All accounts prior to June 22, 2016 will be grandfathered into the old rates and specifications.

Along with standardizing terminal support, the baseline $5/month package has been retired in favor of a $10/month Essential package including a doubling of storage to 2 GB. All packages have had monthly transfer doubled as well.

Moving forward, including terminal support on all accounts provides an exciting opportunity to streamline, within the control panel, the development pipeline for clients from source to release of web applications.

Oh, and we’re turning 14 in July, so stay tuned!

Matt Saladna
Founder & Lead CP Developer

Our packages are changing…

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