A new esprit update has been pushed to the servers at this time.  Primarily a bug release, there is one new feature: an upload progress meter within the File Manager providing completion percentage, speed, and time remaining.  The revised Manage Mailboxes isn’t ready to go yet, as there are still several features still to add.  An interim release that reformats the data has been published, but by no means is this indicative of the final revision.

  • Added: follow referring page after logging in if page access resulted in login screen
  • Added: cleanup stale tickets after 1 month
  • Added: upload progress meter to file uploads in File Manager
  • Fixed: non-atomic DNS record modifications resulted in deletion if the previous record conditions failed
  • Fixed: sourcing shell_functions.sh from directories outside esprit home didn’t follow paths correctly
  • Fixed: Credentials div in login portal formatted incorrectly in IE
  • Fixed: Logout link missing leading slash (“/login.php”)
  • Fixed: bandwidth rollover on any site that has exceeded its rollover date instead of day of (Ensim fix)
  • Fixed: broken symlinks are not removed with recursion enabled in File_Manager::delete
  • Fixed: bail on Billing::get_package_type if esprit cannot find a suitable billing server
  • Fixed: PNG transparency issues in first-time nag screen under IE6
  • Fixed: multiple Quick Menu display issues in IE6
  • Changed: Flip “Insecure” and “Logout” in top nav bar
  • Changed: abbreviate long DNS hostname and parameter values in DNS Manager
  • Changed: abbreviate long filenames in File Manager
  • Changed: skin updates for appliance administrator
  • Changed: promote Sputnik to domain checker server
  • Removed: don’t dump context on production servers in the event of a fatal error, use 500 ISE
esprit Update — upload progress meter, more IE6 fixes, bug fixes