A new esprit update has been pushed to the servers at this time focusing on improving Disk Usage Breakdown reporting.

  • Added: get_account_quota()- retrieve file/disk quota on group  (Site)
  • Added: estimate apache quota contribution, accessible with get_quota(“apache”) (User, Disk Usage Breakdown)
  • Added: find_quota_files()- generate list of files contributing towards quota (User, Disk Usage Breakdown)
  • Added: map_{sub,}domain()- addon subdomain and domain links within the corresponding user’s home directory (Web, Aliases)
  • Fixed: delete()- symlinks not removed (File)
  • Fixed: format backreferences treated as separate format argument (Process)
  • Fixed: erroneous account quota usage (Dashboard)
  • Fixed: skip extraneous bandwidth values during bandwidth tabulation (Tabulate Bandwidth)
  • Fixed: backend -> query() -> backend call mangles arguments (Module Skeleton)
  • Fixed: custom FTP jail not set (FTP)
  • Fixed: get_mailbox() invalid filter type (Email)
  • Fixed: get_account_quota()- prefer quota limit response over account config diskquota,quota value (Site)
  • Changed: generate graph colors using random HSL values to produce unsaturated colors, include rgb/hsl/hsv conversions (Color, Disk Usage Breakdown)
  • Changed: pChart chart rendering (Disk Usage Breakdown)
  • Changed: upgrade tablesorter to 2.0.3
  • Removed: get_credit_card_information(): unnecessary join on credit card presence (Billing)
esprit Update – Disk Usage Breakdown enhancements