Our data center, Gnax, experienced a core router failure when one of its supervisor cards went offline on Monday, October 26th at 5:50 AM ET. The duration of the outage was 6 hours, when servers were brought back online. We, along with many other hosting providers, were affected by this outage disrupting not only our clients, but clients of other businesses hosted through Gnax.

Gnax has not yet disclosed the cause of the excessive duration, but it will be noted in the RFO as more information comes forth. Two routers (core A/B) feed bandwidth to all clients of the data center. Our subnet resides on core A, which experienced the disruption Monday morning.

Monday and Friday are our most important days and likewise, your most important days. Sustaining an outage for any duration longer than a coffee break is debilitating. Although we provide no expressed SLA, clients affected by this outage will receive a one month credit for compensation. Please file a ticket within the control panel requesting credit. For those paying by PayPal, a refund will be issued to the e-mail address on record with the domain. Credit card-backed payments will receive a discount on the next transaction.

– Matt

Data Center Core Router Failure