Our new referral system is here!  Earn rewards faster just after 90 days.  Whenever a client mentions your e-mail address or domain name during sign-up, we’ll credit $5, $10, $20, or $30 to your account depending on the package.   Better yet, earn 150% after your first referral.  Refer more than 4 clients and each additional referral earns a 200% bonus.

Let’s say you refer 2 friends directly and post a link on your site.  2 friends sign-up immediately and 4 prospective clients stumble upon your site serendipitously, fed up with their current host.  The earning schedule would look like-

Day 1: Minimalist $5
referrals 2 – 3 are multiplied by a bonus of 1.5x
Day 5
: Basic $15
Day 7: Advanced $30
referrals 4-5 receive a 2x bonus
Day 60: Basic $20
Day 90: Basic $20
referrals 6 and beyond receive a 2.5x bonus
Day 195: Minimalist $12.50

Total Earnings: $102.50

To kick off the new system, commission is doubled until the end of the year.  Make at least $10 for referring a friend or placing a link on your site to Apis.  Refer 2 friends?  Earn at least $15.  Refer 6 or more over your lifetime?  Earn no less than $12.50 for each additional person that you recommend.

Linking to Apis is just as simple.  Make a link to http://apisnetworks.com/r?myuname where myuname is the username created within the control panel (Account > Client Referrals).  Referrals made through links are good for 30 days.  Don’t worry about asking to mention your domain – it’s taken care of by the username affiliation.  Append a page location after myuname to redirect to a specific page, e.g. to redirect to the hosting package matrix use http://apisnetworks.com/r?myuname/web_hosting_packages


– Matt

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