(and by hefty I mean 2 months of unposted changes…)

There is good news to report though – a significant chunk of the changes were minor fixes to resolve regressions that appeared during rapid development of apnscp 2.   Even better – apnscp now has a very limited application lookup tool.

Access the search box either by mouse or as a shortcut junkie with the S access key, type in a few letters, hit enter to confirm the choice, and voila!  Zee app is loaded!

A notable mention, a long-standing bug preventing RubyGems from being upgraded via gem update --system has been patched, but unofficial until today.

Initial release of the inline search feature
Initial release of the inline search feature

ADD: inline search against application titles and taglines (Template)
ADD: proper 404/550 error pages (Template)
ADD: AJAX app method requestor, queries a public method of an application (apnscp)

FIX: rename operation does not work for subsequent subdomains (Subdomains)
FIX: tooltip displays undefined for “Administrative E-Mail” (Dashboard)
FIX: domain is not forgotten if omitted (Login)
FIX: login redirects only to dashboard (Auth UI)
FIX: updating credit card did not commit to database (Change Billing)
FIX: removing subdomain through Delete action fails (List Subdomains)
FIX: create_referral_profile()- missing invoice (Billing)
FIX: changing credit card details always results in failure (Billing)
FIX: bandwidth displays 0% (Template)
FIX: undefined Majordomo variables elicit warning (Majordomo)
FIX: referral profile is not synchronized to slave in time for reading (Billing)
FIX: footer is positioned at bottom
FIX: various IE6 rendering fixes – footer, login, postback “Hide Details” (UI)
FIX: prevent Overview event listener from handling propagated events (Page Template)
FIX: editing a DNS entry in an RR group triggers the edit for the respective position in the first RR group (DNS)
FIX: SPF Wizard does not warn of overwriting records (SPF Wizard)
FIX: add link to display tickets older than 90 days (Tickets)
FIX: browser detection returns spurious results (Page Container)
FIX: function permissions are not exported (SOAP)
FIX: WSDL generation exports uncallable methods (SOAP)
FIX: spurious free space report in storage gauge for users over quota (Template)
FIX: File Tree cancels first directory selection (File Tree)
FIX: methods reported missing within a module signature are not verified (afi)

CHG: parse “REFUSED” nsupdate response (DNS)
CHG: include default rbconfig.rb to allow gem update –system to complete sucessfully.  Make a symlink from /usr/bin/ruby to /usr/local/bin/ruby as well to clear up pathing by specifying a bindir of /usr/local/bin
CHG: referral system provides a one-time lump sum of $5, $10, $20, or $30 (Minimalist -> Super)
CHG: rename get_commissions() to get_referrals() (Billing)
CHG: omit 4 KB directory size from File Manager
CHG: omit parsing of @replies in Twitter feed (Dashboard)
CHG: consolidate frontend/backend functions (Majordomo)
CHG: increase base font size from 13px to 14px (UI)
CHG: remove extra service configuration information, update gauges (Manage Users)
CHG: remove unnecessary billing information from referral profile (Client Referrals)
CHG: display an excerpt of the latest news (Dashboard)
CHG: pulse postback status once for success, twice for warning, and thrice for error (Page Template)
CHG: lessen intensity of green table header for long tables (head1 pseudoclass) (CSS)
CHG: refactor delete() to stat just the parent directory (File)
CHG: improve stat() response for multiple lookups of the same file by statically caching before offloading to APC (File)
CHG: cache template configuration
CHG: fire postback status pulse on postback only (Template)
CHG: update disk space gauges (Quota Tracker)
CHG: use local session cache instead of global cache for tooltips (Tooltip)
CHG: rewrite user behavior logger for applications (Stats Logger)
CHG: promote referral statistics to dashboard (Dashboard)

REM: Legacy Help is irrelevant

(phew! nearly 50 changes)

apnscp Update (hefty backlog edition)